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Get rid of all the 'Conduit, Ashampoo home page, Bing, and misc add-ons installed by Ashampoo, get my home page back. This is a terrible intrusion. Just spent 30+ minutes restoring my configuration, and who knows what other uninvited add ons were i

Chris Baudec , 09.01.2012, 07:56
Idea status: under consideration


SAM3, 09.01.2012, 21:15
This is for all the 176 voters (thus far)...Hopefully, this will help with this and all future downloads... But I don't know how to put this gently (inwriting)... so here it goes... If everyone had taken half-a-second and paid attention to what you were installing, they would have noticed the check box for these add-ons and unchecked them so they would not have been installed.

For future referance...
Both the tool bar and the change to your home page can be corrected easily by going to the [Tools] menu in your web browser, then click on [Internet Options]. Where it says "Home Page" type the web address of your choice, then click on [Use Current]. Done. Easy Breezy. For the toolbar... go to [Tools], then [Toolbars] and unselect the check box for any toolbars you don't want. You can also go to the [Manage add-on].

Hope this is helpful...

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